About Us


Client Support

JGC Government Relations works with each of our clients to develop long-range strategy, with experienced and proactive professionals leading projects. Whether our clients are seeking information on potential impacts of pending legislation, engaging in policy formation or pursuing funding allocations, JGC Government Relations provides personal attention in planning a detailed strategy to meet each client’s specific objectives. 


Building Relationships

Our firm is also known for its close working relationship with the different members and staff of the California Legislature, including members of the San Diego Legislative Delegation, and has extensive background in local government, gaming and land-use issues.  


Excellent Customer Support

 We are extremely proud of our customer service – whether it is custom reports, weekly conference calls, or regular meetings, we will work hard to understand our clients needs in order to effectively represent those needs in Sacramento. JGC Government Relations also ensures that our clients are always receiving the information that they need to better assist their legislative agenda. Our goal is to become an extension of our clients in Sacramento. As a result we have represented several of our clients since the inception of the firm. Our team is small and extremely effective.